Management Committee

A Sixty five year’s old educational institution, going strong and growing stronger.

Ethical management is its back bone. Those interested in the well being of the institution, become its member.

These members not only help Vidyawadi financially but also spend a great deal of time in planning about how to take the institution further without harming its original ethos and values, i.e., the love for culture, values, morals, yet-modern.

Management Committee (2021-24)

Name Designation Profession
Shri Popatlal ji F. Sundesha President Businessman
Shri Jethmal ji B. Siroya Vice President Businessman
Shri Chandan ji M. Parmar Vice President Businessman
Shri Kailash ji T. Kavedia Secretary C.A.
Shri Kalyan ji A. Telesara Treasurer Businessman
Shri Mukesh D. Bhandari Joint Secretary Businessman
Shri Ratanchand ji J. Oswal Immediate President Businessman
Smt. Chandra ji P. Mehta Joint Treasurer House Wife
Smt. Leela Devi ji P. Sancheti Member Social Service
Ms. Salila Bhansali Member MMSS CEO
Dr. N. S. Rathore Member Retd. Principal
Prof.(Dr.) Punita Soni Member College Principal
Professor Dr. D.S.Kheechee University Representative University Professor
Professor Dr. Vijay Singh University Representative University Professor
LDPSKMV Staff Staff Representative College Astt. Prof.
Smt. Indubala ji Jain Ex. Student Representative House Wife
Smt. Kalla ji M. Borana Parents Representative House Wife
Shri N.C. Mehta Member Social Service
Ms. Geeta ji Yadav Member CBSE School Principal
Ms. Priya ji Sangeeta Member RBSE School Principal

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