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Welcome to Vidyawadi, a temple of education established in the year 1956, that for more than 6 decades has been an oasis of unbridled access and knowledge for girls and young women in an enabling and dynamic learning environment.

We aim to make the children world-ready so that they strive to do better and undergo continuous progress and improvement.

To this end, our curricula are framed keeping in view the vital components of value based community outreach, job oriented skill development and innovative entrepreneurship in mind. Similarly the pedagogy we adopt is such that it encourages participation and active self-reflection by the students.

We envision transforming Vidyawadi into a fully residential institution so that the girls can be completely immersed in a learning community where personal growth, exploration and success will be the top priority. With abundant programs, excursions, and activities, the students will thrive with excellent facilities at their disposal, be better prepared for the future, become independent and responsible, and receive help and support from their peers, teachers and counsellors. We understand that moving away from home can be a difficulty for both the child and the family. So, we aim to become a safe haven for these girls and be their 'Home away from Home' as well as an exclusive centre for meaningful learning and personal growth.

Ms. Salila Bhansali

CEO, Vidyawadi

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