Our Hostel - A Home Away from Home

Hostel life is one of the most enjoyable times of one’s life and this is no exception as far as Vidyawadi Hostel is concerned. Each hostel in this institute gives each individual ample opportunity to develop the art of living. It’s easy to make friends here. The comfortable atmosphere, the air of geniality and joviality makes everyone feel at home. It is indeed a home away from home.

Hostel life revolves basically around discipline, duty and devotion. A very high standard of discipline is demanded. Infringement of discipline is viewed gravely by the hostel authorities; students are expected to ensure that there is absolutely no lapse on their part on this count. Here girls feel themselves at the threshold of a completely new world eagerly waiting to be explored.

We at vidyawadi

  • Create an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation amongst the boarders.
  • Provide the boarders a peaceful and congenial environment to enable them to excel in their studies and personality development.
  • Inculcate discipline and sense of accommodation amongst the students.
  • R O drinking water facility.
  • 24 hours medical facility.
  • Gymnasium, Recreation Room, Dispensary and Canteen and Book/ Tuck shop for our students.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All students on the campus are expected to refrain from cosmetics and indecent clothing. (Short and sleeveless tops, short and tight dresses and obnoxious designing.)
  2. Parents are requested, neither to load their daughters with money nor allow distracting items like mobiles, cameras, jewellery, i-pods etc in the campus and to the hostels. This is to keep girls safe in the campus. Anybody found guilty of possessing these items will have to face a disciplinary action.
    • Parents of students can talk to them on first Sunday of every month.
    • Parents can pay visit on last Sunday of each month.
    • Parents are requested to refrain from calling on days other than the designated day.
  3. Parents are requested not to go beyond the restricted area to meet their children. (Mothers are requested to refrain from interacting with other children to address differences between them and their wards. Seek help from the management.)
  4. Only those relatives are allowed to meet resident students whose photographs and names are given on the admission form by parents/guardians.
  5. It is mandatory for all resident students to renew hostel admission forms every year with photographs of self and relatives.
  6. Do not allow your child to carry any valuables to the hostel as the management will not be responsible for any loss or misplacement.
  7. To avoid disappointment, parents are requested to fetch their wards for home only during Deepawali, winter and summer breaks. This helps them to remain focused on their studies.
  8. If any hostel rule is not justifiable, talk to the management about your concern. We will make necessary amendment if the concerns is worthy of it. Refrain from passing weird comments in general gathering. It only vitiates the environment.
  9. Hostels have their own rules and regulations. To maintain discipline, residents are expected to follow them. Any misbehavior or indiscipline will not be tolerated and may conclude in an appropriate action.
  10. We expect from all in general and hostel-residents in particular to show respect and be courteous to one another. For us this is an important part of education.
  11. To maintain privacy of mentors, avoid visiting them at home.
  12. It is compulsory for all hostel students to be in their respective academic units on time or the warden should be informed in writing an hour before the school/college commences. Management will not tolerate the lapse kindly and may compel parents to take the child home.
  13. A written permission has to be sought from the Principal before a child is issued a gate pass.
  14. Parents are requested to get their ward's gate pass ready during the office hours.

    Office Timing: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

    We will not allow any hostel students to go home before and beyond the given office hours.

    Parents are requested to adhere to the following Entry & Exit policy of Vidyawadi:-


    • Collect and fill the entry from at the gate. After filling the required information, a part of it has to be given to the watchman and another, to the ward.


    • Written permission from the Principal.
    • Authentication from the Central Office.
    • Children are allowed only with those, whose photographs are given by their parents at the time of admission.
    • Signature of the Resident Incharge.
    • Signature of the Warden.
    • Gate - pass to be collected by the watchman.
  15. We provide
    • A bed, table, chair and a cupboard.
    • A mattress and a pillow.
    • Bedcover, bed sheets, pillow covers and a quilt.
    • Utensils.
  16. Students must bring the following items -
    • One dari, two sheets and one blanket.
    • All essentials of personal use (comb, soap case, bathing soaps, washing soaps, oil, toothpaste, tooth brush, nail cutter, 3 locks, a pair of slipper, bag, washing brush, 4 to 6 pairs of socks, uniform and shoes.)
    • A bucket and a mug (can be bought from our tuck shop)

College uniforms (Winter and Summer), all kinds of stationery items, books, practical files etc are available at the in-house tuck-shop at Vidyawadi.

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